Comparison of the quadrupole splittings for 1, 3a, and 5 has led

Comparison of the quadrupole splittings for 1, 3a, and 5 has led to the conclusion that two Fe(III) sites of the clusters are the peripheral

iron atoms.”
“Under conditions of starvation and disease, the GDC-0068 cell line gut barrier becomes impaired, and trophic feeding to prevent gut mucosal atrophy has become a standard treatment of critically ill patients. However, the mechanisms responsible for the beneficial effects of enteral nutrition have remained a mystery. Using in vitro and in vivo models, we demonstrate that the brush-border enzyme, intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP), has the ability to detoxify lipopolysaccharide and prevent bacterial invasion across the gut mucosal barrier. IAP expression and function are lost with starvation and maintained by enteral feeding. It is likely that the IAP silencing that occurs during starvation is a key component of the gut mucosal barrier dysfunction seen in critically ill patients.”

is a major health hazard that is caused by a combination of genetic and behavioral factors. Several models of obesity have been described in mice that have defects in the production of peptide hormones, in the function of cell membrane receptors, or in a transcription factor required for neuronal cell development. We have been investigating the function of a family of genes(POTE and ANKRD26) that encode proteins that are associated with the inner aspect of the cell membrane and that contain both ankyrin repeats and spectrin helices, motifs known to interact with signaling proteins in the cell. To assess the function of ANKRD26, we prepared a mutant mouse with partial inactivation of the Ankrd26 gene. We find that the homozygous mutant mice develop extreme obesity,

insulin resistance, and an increase in body size. The obesity is associated with hyperphagia with no reduction in energy expenditure and Bafilomycin A1 Transmembrane Transporters inhibitor activity. The Ankrd26 protein is expressed in the arcuate and ventromedial nuclei within the hypothalamus and in the ependyma and the circumventricular organs that act as an interface between the peripheral circulation and the brain. In the enlarged hearts of the mutant mice, the levels of both phospho-Akt and mTOR were elevated. These results show that alterations in an unidentified gene can lead to obesity and identify a molecular target for the treatment of obesity.”
“Purpose Community Pharmacists both have an important responsibility in monitoring the ongoing safety of medicines and are widely accessible to do it. This study aims to investigate the knowledge, perceptions and practice of Pharmacovigilance amongst community pharmacists in Lagos State, South West Nigeria\n\nMethods A cross-sectional observational survey was used in this study. A multistage random sampling technique was employed in the selection of 420 community pharmacies in Lagos.

Removal of apoptotic cells usually involves three


Removal of apoptotic cells usually involves three

central elements: 1) attraction of phagocytes via soluble “find me” signals, 2) recognition and phagocytosis via cell surface-presenting “eat me” signals, and 3) suppression or initiation of inflammatory responses depending on additional innate immune stimuli. Suppression of inflammation involves both direct inhibition of proinflammatory cytokine production and release of anti-inflammatory factors, which all contribute to the resolution of inflammation. In the current study, using wild-type and adenosine A(2A) receptor (A2AR) null mice, we investigated whether A2ARs, known to mediate anti-inflammatory signals in macrophages, participate in the apoptotic cell-mediated immunosuppression. We found that macrophages engulfing apoptotic cells release adenosine

Vactosertib manufacturer in sufficient amount to trigger A2ARs, and simultaneously increase the expression of A2ARs, as a result of possible activation of liver X receptor and peroxisome proliferators activated receptor delta. In macrophages engulfing apoptotic cells, stimulation of A2ARs suppresses the NO-dependent formation Birinapant cost of neutrophil migration factors, such as macrophage inflammatory protein-2, using the adenylate cyclase/protein kinase A pathway. As a result, loss of A2ARs results in elevated chemoattractant secretion. This was evident as pronounced neutrophil migration upon exposure of macrophages to apoptotic cells in an in vivo peritonitis model. Sapanisertib Altogether, our data indicate that adenosine is one of the soluble mediators released by macrophages

that mediate engulfment-dependent apoptotic cell suppression of inflammation. The Journal of Immunology, 2011, 186: 7144-7155.”
“Rimonabant has been shown to not only decrease the food intake and body weight but also to increase serum adiponectin levels. This increase of the serum adiponectin levels has been hypothesized to be related to the rimonabant-induced amelioration of insulin resistance linked to obesity, although experimental evidence to support this hypothesis is lacking. To test this hypothesis experimentally, we generated adiponectin knock-out (adipo(-/-)) ob/ob mice. After 21 days of 30 mg/kg rimonabant, the body weight and food intake decreased to similar degrees in the ob/ob and adipo(-/-)ob/ob mice. Significant improvement of insulin resistance was observed in the ob/ob mice following rimonabant treatment, associated with significant up-regulation of the plasma adiponectin levels, in particular, of high molecular weight adiponectin. Amelioration of insulin resistance in the ob/ob mice was attributed to the decrease of glucose production and activation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) in the liver induced by rimonabant but not to increased glucose uptake by the skeletal muscle.

Conditioned media from MM-derived MNC and stroma cells contained

Conditioned media from MM-derived MNC and stroma cells contained factors that inhibited normal progenitor cell growth. Our observations suggest that hematopoietic progenitors in MM marrow are intrinsically normal; however, their growth in LTMC may be hampered by the presence of abnormal accessory and stroma cells. These results suggest that besides its role in the generation of osteolytic lesions and the expansion of the myeloma clone, the marrow microenvironment in MM may have a negative effect on hematopoiesis. (C) 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

All rights reserved.”
“When patients with cancer develop BI-D1870 cell line neurologic symptoms, common causes include metastasis, infections, coagulopathy, metabolic or nutritional disturbances, and neurotoxicity from treatments. A thorough clinical history, temporal association with cancer therapies, and results of ancillary tests usually reveal one of these mechanisms as the etiology. When no etiology is identified, the diagnosis considered

is often that of a paraneoplastic neurologic disorder (PND). With the selleck screening library recognition that PNDs are more frequent than previously thought, the availability of diagnostic tests, and the fact that, for some PNDs, treatment helps, PNDs should no longer be considered diagnostic zebras, and when appropriate should be included in the differential diagnosis early in the evaluation. The Oncologist 2010;15:603-617″
“Four cultivars (Gondi, Gasbi, Khalt Dhahbi, and Rtob Ahmar) of Tunisian date palm (Phoenix dactylifera

L.) fruits at 3 maturation stages, besser, Bucladesine supplier rutab and tamr, were analyzed for their antioxidant activities (AA) using 2,2′-azino-bis (3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) and 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radicals cation, and reducing power (RP) methods. The total phenolic (TPC), total flavonoid (TFC), and condensed tannins (CTC) contents were measured. Results showed that all samples have the highest TPC, TFC, CTC, and AA at besser stage. A significant correlation (p < 0.05) was found between TPC, TFC, CTC and AA during ripening. Sixteen phenolic compounds were identified and quantified by HPLC. The major ones were caffeic, ferulic, protocatechuic, and catechin for the majority of cultivars. Our data indicate that common date fruits are rich in natural antioxidants that might be more widely used by both the general population and the food industry as a source of bioactive human health promoter phytochemicals.”
“Although several reports have demonstrated the specific roles of microRNAs (miRs) in neuronal differentiation, neurogenesis, neural cell specification and neurodevelopmental function, there have been no studies with regard to the importance of miRs in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). In the present study, we aimed to investigate the effect of miR-210 on neuronal cell apoptosis caused by HI injury.

These results indicate that constitutive YAP activation in MM cel

These results indicate that constitutive YAP activation in MM cells promotes cell cycle progression giving more aggressive phenotypes to MM cells. Oncogene (2012) 31, 5117-5122; doi:10.1038/onc.2012.5; published online 30 January 2012″
“The overall objective of this study was to determine whether smoking during pregnancy is related to psychiatric disorders in 4-year-olds while controlling for a wide range of potential confounding variables (i.e. parental anxiety, depression, personality disorders, drug abuse, and socio-economic characteristics). Parents of a community sample of 4-year-olds (N = 995) residing in the city of Trondheim, Norway were interviewed using the Preschool Age Psychiatric

Assessment, which includes information on prenatal smoking. After adjusting for potential confounding variables using the propensity score, smoking

during pregnancy was found to increase the odds for attention-deficit/hyperactivity Histone Methyltransf inhibitor PXD101 datasheet disorder (ADHD) OR = 2.59 (CI 1.5-4.34, p < 0.001), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) OR = 2.69 (CI 1.84-3.91, p = 0.02) and comorbid OR = 2.55 (CI 1.24-5.23, p < 0.001). Prenatal smoking during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk for symptoms of ADHD and ODD independently of each other, in 4-year-olds.”
“Introduction: Excretion of monoclonal free light chains (MFLC) beyond the renal threshold can cause kidney injury, but evidence for polyclonal free light chains (PFLC)-mediated injury is limited. We aimed to study the degree of PFLC deposition in the proximal tubules of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hypothesized that excess deposition may contribute

to tubular injury. Methods: In this retrospective study, immunohistochemical staining to assess the degree of FLC deposition, periodic acid-Schiff staining for the degree of tubular brush border injury and trichrome staining for interstitial fibrosis were evaluated. Normal renal parenchyma from tumor nephrectomy specimens (control group I, n = 39), minimal change disease controls (group II, n = 13), renal biopsies from CKD and proteinuria (polyclonal study group III, n = 33) and monoclonal light chain nephropathy (group IV, n = 37) were studied. The results of the study including serum creatinine were compared between groups. Results: Both polyclonal and monoclonal groups (groups III and IV) had significantly higher light chain deposition and brush border injury by periodic acid-Schiff scores compared to control groups (groups I and II). When the first three polyclonal groups (groups I-III) were analyzed together, polyclonal light chain deposition was significantly correlated with serum creatinine levels, brush border injury and interstitial fibrosis. Conclusion: The results of our study suggest that in CKD patients with proteinuria, excess PFLC deposition in the proximal tubules may cause acute tubular injury akin to monoclonal gammopathy and lead to renal chronicity.

Conclusions: Findings reveal that the number of standardized nurs

Conclusions: Findings reveal that the number of standardized nursing terminology publications

increased primarily since 2000 with most focusing on North American Nursing Diagnosis-International, Nursing Interventions check details Classification, and Nursing Outcome Classification. The majority of the studies were descriptive, qualitative, or correlational designs that provide a strong base for understanding the validity and reliability of the concepts underlying the standardized nursing terminologies. There is evidence supporting the successful integration and use in electronic health records for two standardized nursing terminology sets: (1) the North American Nursing Diagnosis-International, Nursing Interventions Classification, and Nursing Outcome Classification set; and (2) the Omaha System set. Researchers, however, should continue to strengthen standardized nursing terminology study designs to promote continuous improvement of the standardized nursing terminologies and use in clinical practice. (C) 2013 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“This article presents an online accessible click here electroencephalogram

(EEG) database, where the EEG recordings comprise abnormal patterns such as spikes, poly spikes, slow waves, and sharp waves to help diagnose related disorders. The data, as of now, are a collection of

EEGs from a diagnostic center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, and the data samples pertain to an age-group ranging from 1 to 107 years. Eventually, the EEG data concerning other disorders as well as those from other institutions will be included. The present database provides information under the following categories: major classification of the disorder, patient’s record, digitized EEG, and specific diagnosis; in addition, a search facility is incorporated into the database. The mode of access by the domain experts, application developers, and researchers, along with a few classical applications are explained Ispinesib Cytoskeletal Signaling inhibitor in this article. With the advance of clinical neuroscience, this database will be helpful in developing software for applications such as diagnosis and treatment.”
“The purpose of this study was to investigate the clinical and electrophysiological efficacy of 3,4-diaminopyridine (DAP) in patients with Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) in a randomized, double-blind, cross-over drug trial. The diagnosis of LEMS was made based on the combination of fluctuating muscle weakness, diminished or absent reflexes, and more than 60% increment of the compound muscle action potential (CMAP) amplitude after brief exercise or 50-Hz stimulation on a repetitive nerve stimulation (RNS) test.

5 IU/ml as measured by the fluorescent antibody virus neutralizat

5 IU/ml as measured by the fluorescent antibody virus neutralization (FAVN) test. Compared with the FAVN test, the specificity and sensitivity of ID’S were 98.2% and 90.4%, respectively. There was an excellent agreement between results obtained by the ICTS and FAVN tests (kappa = 0.888).

Strips stored at 4 degrees C in a plastic bag with a desiccant retained their specificity and sensitivity for at least 15 months, and strips stored at ambient temperature remained stable for 12 months. The immunochromatographic test strip may therefore be useful for clinical laboratories lacking specialized equipment and for diagnosis in the field for rapid detection of rabies virus-specific antibodies. (C) 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.”
“Neuroinflammation selleck products is a critical driving force underlying mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathologies. Activated platelets play an this website important role in neuroinflammation and have been implicated in AD pathogenic mechanisms. Mean platelet volume (MPV), a marker of platelet activation, is involved in the pathophysiology of a variety of pro-inflammatory diseases. However, little

research has been conducted to investigate the relationship between platelet indices and MCI and AD pathogenesis. In this cross-sectional study, we investigated the levels of platelet count, MPV and platelet distribution width (PDW) in 120 AD patients, 120 MCI patients, and 120 non-demented controls. Our study showed that MPV and PDW were significantly lower in patients with AD as compared with either MCI or controls. Moreover, MCI patients had lower MPV and PDW values compared with the controls (P <

0.001). In addition, there is a positive correlation between mini-mental state examination (MMSE) and MPV and Fludarabine mouse PDW, after adjusting age, gender, and body mass index (r = 0.576, P < 0.001 for MPV; r = 0.465, P < 0.001 for PDW, respectively). Multivariate analysis showed that MPV and PDW were significantly associated with MMSE (beta = 0.462; P < 0.001 for MPV; beta = 0.245; P < 0.001 for PDW; respectively). In conclusion, MPV and PDW were decreased in MCI and AD patients. Further prospective research is warranted to determine the potential clinical application of MPV and PDW as biomarkers in the early diagnosis of AD. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“The catalytic domain of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is activated by dimerization, which requires allosteric coupling between distal dimerization and catalytic sites. Although crystal structures of EGFR kinases, solved in various conformational states, have provided important insights into EGFR activation by dimerization, the atomic details of how dimerization signals are dynamically coupled to catalytic regions of the kinase core are not fully understood.

The accuracy of the kernel energy method (KEM) is shown by system

The accuracy of the kernel energy method (KEM) is shown by systematic application to a great variety of molecular types found in biology. These include peptides, proteins, DNA and RNA. Examples are given that explore the KEM across a variety of chemical models, and to the outer PI3K inhibitor limits of energy accuracy and molecular size. KEM represents an advance in quantum biology applicable to problems

in medicine and drug design.”
“Despite significant promise, the routine usage of suspension cell culture to manufacture stem cell derived differentiated cells has progressed slowly. Suspension culture is an innovative way of either expanding or differentiating cells and sometimes both are combined into a single bioprocess. Its advantages over static 2D culturing

include a homogeneous and controllable culture environment and producing a large quantity of cells in a fraction of time. This feature makes suspension cell culture ideal for use in stem cell research and eventually ideal in the large-scale production of differentiated cells for regenerative medicine. Because of their tremendous differentiation capacities and unlimited growth properties, pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) in particular are considered potential sources for future cell-replacement therapies. Currently, expansion of PSCs is accomplished in 2D, which only permits a limited amount of cell growth per culture flask before cells need to be passaged. However, before stem cells can be applied clinically, several aspects of their expansion, such as directed growth, but also differentiation, need to be better controlled. This review Ferroptosis inhibitor will summarize recent advantages in suspension culture of PSCs, while at the same time highlighting current challenges.”
“Background: To evaluate the safety

and effectiveness of locally produced pegylated interferon-alpha 2a in treatment-naive patients with chronic hepatitis C.\n\nMethods: All treatment-naive patients diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C who referred to two university based outpatient clinics in Tehran from December 2007 to May 2008 were enrolled. Exclusion criteria included the presence of a debilitating disease, decompensated ARN-509 Endocrinology & Hormones inhibitor cirrhosis, or refusal to participate in the study. Patients were treated with 180 mu g pegylated interferon-alpha 2a (Pegaferon) weekly and 800 – 1200 mg ribavirin daily for 24 or 48 weeks depending on genotype and weight. Viral and biochemical response and adverse drug reactions were recorded.\n\nResults: A total of 108 patients were enrolled; 63 with genotype 1 and 45 with genotypes 2 and 3. The mean age of the patients was 39 years (range: 19 – 65). Ninety-seven patients completed the study and 76 achieved sustained viral response. The sustained viral response among patients completing the study was 67% for genotype 1 and 95% for genotypes 2 and 3. Adverse events were well tolerated and none led to discontinuation of treatment, however dose adjustment was necessitated in 16 patients.

002) The rate of illeus was 15 7% in the IV-PCA patients and

002). The rate of illeus was 15.7% in the IV-PCA patients and

5.7% in the ITM/EPI (P = 0.071). Respiratory depression was reported in 4 ITM/EPI patients, 0 in our PCA group. Technical catheter malfunction was reported in 8.5% of the EPI group.\n\nConclusions: The use of ITM/EPI after PSF for AIS is safe and effective, this selleck compound methodology provided significantly lower pain scores and lowers total opioid use which can lead to urinary and bowel dysfunction.”
“Three ecological relationships are possible between co-flowering plant species; they may have no effect on one another, compete for pollination services, or facilitate one another by attracting more pollinators to the area. In this study, the pollinator-mediated relationship between two mangrove species with overlapping flowering phenologies was investigated in one south Florida community.\n\nPollinator observations were recorded between 0900

h and 1700 h during June and July, 20082010. Insect visitation rates to Avicennia germinans and Laguncularia racemosa were estimated from 522 observation intervals of 10 min during three phenological time periods, when each species flowered alone and when they co-flowered. The number of timed intervals varied between years due to differences in flowering phenology, from four to 42 for A. germinans and from nine to 94 for L. racemosa.\n\nAvicennia germinans began flowering first in all years, and insect visitation rates were significantly greater to A. germinans than to L. racemosa (P0001). Flowers of both species received visits from bees, wasps, flies and butterflies; Apis mellifera was the most common floral visitor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor high throughput screening to both species. Visitation rates to

L. racemosa increased significantly when A. germinans stopped flowering CX-6258 (P0001). However, there was no significant change in visitation rates to A. germinans after L. racemosa began flowering (P0628).\n\nWhen they co-flowered, A. germinans outcompeted L. racemosa for pollinators. Laguncularia racemosa hermaphrodites self-pollinate autogamously when not visited by insects, so reduced visitation to L. racemosa flowers reduced the frequency of outcrossing and increased the frequency of selfing. Reduced outcrossing limits male reproductive success in this androdioecious species, which could lead to changes in the breeding system. The degree of overlap in flowering phenologies varied between years, so the effect on the mating and breeding system may differ between years.”
“Biphalin, a synthetic opioid peptide with a broad affinity for all opioid receptors (delta, mu, and kappa) and high antinociceptive activity, has been under extensive study as a potential analgesic drug. This study presents the synthesis and biological properties of four new analogues of biphalin containing amphiphilic alpha-alkylserines in position 2 and 2′. The incorporation of bulky alpha, alpha-disubstituted amino acids in the peptide chain using standard peptide chemistry is often unsuccessful.

91), 6 months postoperatively (alpha = 97), and 12 months postope

91), 6 months postoperatively (alpha =.97), and 12 months postoperatively (alpha =.97). Test-retest analysis resulted

in an ICC of 0.98 between tests. Construct validity was established as there was a statistically significant difference in BPII scores at the initial orthopaedic consultation and 6-month and 12-month postoperative appointments (F-2,F-146 = 75.62; P smaller than .001). Conclusion: The BPII demonstrates content validity, strong initial reliability, and a statistically significant level of construct validity in patients with patellofemoral instability. This population includes patients with recurrent patellofemoral instability as well as surgically Nirogacestat manufacturer stabilized patients.”
“A baseline study of cultivar, temporal (2004-2006) and spatial variability in field

pea (Pisum sativum) selenium (Se) concentration was undertaken in western Canada based on six common cultivars (295 samples) grown in 35 variety trials. Selenium was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy following a HNO3 digestion. Non-significant differences in pea Se concentration occurred due to cultivar and temporal variability. Trial site soil organic C, pH, cation exchange capacity, soil texture estimates, and classifications were recovered from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Canadian Soil Information System database. Twenty-five percent of the pea Se variability click here was due to soil edaphic factors, particularly organic C and pH, this increased to 39% with inclusion of great soil group classification. The remaining variability was due to growing season weather conditions, with hotter drier CCI-779 clinical trial summers leading to higher Se concentrations. Naturally

Se biofortified pulses are available to be targeted to selenium deficient populations.”
“The causes of night blindness in children are multifactorial, and particular consideration has been given to childhood nutritional deficiency, which is the most common problem found in underdeveloped countries. Such deficiency can result in physiological and pathological processes that in turn influence hair composition. This study was designed to compare the levels of zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), and iron (Fe) in scalp hair, blood, and urine of both genders of children with night blindness with age range of 3-7 and 8-12 years, comparing them to sex- and age-matched controls. A microwave-assisted wet acid digestion procedure was developed as a sample pretreatment, for the determination of zinc, copper, and iron in biological samples of children with night blindness. The proposed method was validated by using conventional wet digestion and certified reference samples of hair, blood, and urine. The digests of all biological samples were analyzed for Cu, Fe, and Zn by flame atomic absorption spectrometry using an air/acetylene flame.

This study provides further clarification of the brain systems su

This study provides further clarification of the brain systems supporting DRD in general and in relation to AUDs.”
“Phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN), v-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 1 (AKT1), mouse double

minute 2 (MDM2) and p53 play important roles in the development of cancer. We examined whether the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the PTEN, AKT1, MDM2 and p53 genes were related to the risk and severity of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) in the Chinese population. Seven SNPs [p53 rs1042522, PTEN rs11202592, AKT1 SNP1-5 (rs3803300, rs1130214, click here rs3730358, rs1130233 and rs2494732)] were genotyped in 593 NPC cases and 480 controls by PCR direct sequencing Selleckchem VX-680 or PCR-RFLP analysis. Multivariate logistic regression analysis was used to calculate adjusted odds ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs). None of the polymorphisms alone was associated with the

risk or severity of NPC. However, haplotype analyses indicated that a two-SNP core haplotype (SNP4-5, AA) in AKT1 was associated with a significantly increased susceptibility to NPC risk (adjusted OR = 3.87, 95% CI = 1.96-7.65; P smaller than 0.001). Furthermore, there was a significantly increased risk of NPC associated with the combined risk genotypes (i.e., p53 rs1042522 Arg/Pro + Pro/Pro, MDM2

rs2279244 G/T + G/G, PTEN rs11202592 C/C, AKT1 rs1130233 A/A). Compared with the low-risk group (0-2 combined risk genotypes), the high-risk group (3-4 combined risk genotypes) was associated with a significantly increased susceptibility to NPC risk (adjusted OR = 1.67, 95% CI = 1.12-2.50; P = 0.012). Our results suggest that genetic variants in the PTEN, AKT1, MDM2 and p53 tumor suppressor-oncoprotein network may play roles in mediating the susceptibility to NPC in Chinese populations.”
“Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurodegenerative disorder MAPK inhibitor involving the selective loss of spinal cord motor neurons. Excitotoxicity mediated by glutamate has been implicated as a cause of this progressive degeneration. In this study we examined two types of receptors, the excitatory alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid-type glutamate receptors (AMPARs) and inhibitory cannabinoid receptor (CB1) with respect to their localization and total expression in spinal cord motor neurons. AMPAR and CB1 represent major excitatory and inhibitory transmission input, respectively, and their expression levels on the plasma membrane have direct relevance to the vulnerability of the motor neurons to glutamatergic excitotoxicity.